The glare-free working and maneuveringlight

SAFELIGHT - the original is a patented flood light, Which is particularly Suitable for illuminating the rear side areas of the emergency vehicle. SAFELIGHT is horizontally and vertically adjustable. This Allows You To Selectively illuminate the dark areas beside and behind the vehicle.

The construction of SAFELIGHT Ensures did neither of the left, other road users are blinded. The special case of SAFELIGHT Prevents contamination of the headlight lens. THEREFORE, you have to SAFELIGHT always on full brightness.

SAFELIGHT highlights the critical areas:

  • When turning the blind spot
  • The border areas of operation sites
  • The back lane at bottlenecks and tunnels
  • Surfaces in the working tank and loading operations
  • The work areas for break downs
  • The vehicle's environment in case of accidents
  • Manipulating Surfaces When Using exits

SAFELIGHT - Lighting for professionals proven effective in use:

  • Fire services
  • Technical relief
  • and much more


  • avoid property damage, insurance problems, repair costs and downtimes
  • protect yourself from injuries own
  • reduce the risk of hurting other people and the criminal and civil Resulting Consequences

SAFELIGHT - glare-free

Provides superb visibility when you finish

  • Retract back into dark streets
  • Reversing with
  • Your vehicle garagieren
  • Change Trailer
  • Your vehicle loading and unloading side
  • Bring your crane or hoist to position
  • Change wheels or hang snow chains
  • The team on and let off

SAFELIGHT - is TÜV-certified.

The attached or SAFELIGHT is allowed by law Including:

  • to ambient construction and transport vehicles
  • to machinery, agricultural and forestry tractors
  • on vehicles for passenger transport (bus)

Note: The use of worklights permitted by law, if other road users are not dazzled ran thus.

SAFELIGHT due to its construction characteristics Fulfills synthesis legal standard. An additional assessment of the vehicle When Using SAFELIGHT not Necessary security lights.

The schematic picture makes the surgery of
SAFELIGHT clear: you drive around with certainty any